Forget everything you saw about E-Motorcycles, our T2 model is a different motorcycle and the one you were looking for in the market. Built with the highest technology, design and impressive quality. Our T2 model will meet all your needs for urban mobility and off road, instant acceleration and comfort, at low, medium and high speed. Pre-order and launch scheduled for early  2022.

T2's design was inspired by "Scrambler" models of the 1950s, the T2 is equipped with old-style off-road tires and wider handlebars with the bar feature at the top. With its stripped-down style, it was designed to cross from corner to corner without concerns, climbing mountains and crossing muddy off-road terrain.

Our 100% electric platform is compatible with all of our models. Extend range, add battery power, change the main motor, everything is possible.
FRAME: Main frame is constructed of 40mm round section welded steel tubing trellis which gives it rigidity and yet makes it lightweight. With several anticorrosion coats to guarantee a durable and reliable chassis.

SUB-FRAME: Die cast aluminum subframe that ensures strength and lightweight design which connected to the main-frame results in a rigid and overall lightweight final assembly.

SWING-ARM: High performance die cast aluminum precision machined with tight tolerances giving it high strength to match the main frame structure.

POWER X (Battery): Intelligent Power X is the battery pack that equips the T models. Latest generation technology, high performance generating greater energy savings. Equipped with high-quality DLG Li-ion cell. The T1 can be equipped with up to two batteries simultaneously. Both of them are easily removable.

ENGINE (Standard): The STANDARD engine is a high power intermediate electric motor that equips the T models. Latest generation technology, high performance, generating greater energy savings. Equipped with high quality 5KW BRUSHLESS DC.
ENGINE (Pro): The PRO engine is a high-power, high-performance electric motor that equips the T models. State-of-the-art technology, high performance. Equipped with high quality 11KW BRUSHLESS DC.

CONTROLLER: Provides precise control, FOV vector controller, precise drive motor work, smooth acceleration, for a better cycling experience.
More information on product specifications. They will be launched at our launch event scheduled for early 2022.